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Hello and Welcome to CREATURE CRAZY.This is a page devoted to those little creatures called Norns.

I have a few of my colored norns available on my downloadspage.

If u have any comments or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail address is NornsRme@aol.com

I will soon be doing a major update with new music and new norns

What Exactly is This Game Creatures??

I know that mostly all creatures pages have a section somethin' like: What is Creatures?? What the Heck is Creatures?? Well if you're used to that than this section won't be much different. Creatures is not really a game. In a game u can either win or lose. In Creatures you can't win, only kinda lose. The object of this simulation is to take care of little creatures named norns and breed them. Norns come in 5 different speices (soon to be 7). These speices are the fox norns who have white hair, the banana norns who have no hair, the horse norns whose females have blond hair, the purple mountain norns who has the females with lipstick, and the santa norns who as u can guess look like santa (there is no female santa norn). 2 new norns come with the life kit. These 2 new norns are Ron norns who look really, REALLY weird. And there are the forest norns who look a little more like the usual norn.

Creature Crazy is now the winner of the Not Just Norns December Cool Norn Page!!

Creature Crazy is now the winner of Andrea's Creatures Tribes site of the month for January!!


I have now come out with an immortal norn for Creatures 2!! You can get him right here

Project Daman

I and other members are working now on a new species of norn. Not only will it have some new and edited genes, but it will have new sprites also. We need to have MANY more members to help us. All that you need to be able to do is draw a line (smile). We will be using COE 1.5 by Alexander Laemmle to edit since it is such a good program. All members in the end will have their name and e-mail and a link to your page added here plus more!

Members so far:NornsRme@aol.com



Nornoholics Anonymous

This is one of my most favorite pages. Has some great stories, nice chat room, and a lovely backround.

Diane's Home Page

This is not actually a creatures page but I put it in here just because I like it.

COBled Together

Great site with COBs, COBs, and more COBs!!

Not Just Norns

This is my most favorite of these sites here. It has some pictures of some of the new Ron and Forrest norns.

Da Norn Club

Great site that has the usual sorta stuff.

Chronicles of Nornia

I like this page alot because its HUGE. Lots of information and its HUGE!!

The Norn Underground

This is one of those sites more into hacking creatures. It has info on COBs and editing genes. A great site that I reccomend to visit.

Age of Albia

This site has some undead norns, some really strange colored norns, and everything else.

The Norn Pound

This is one of the few sites on the internet which has Ron and Forrest norns. Stop by and save a loving norn who needs a home.

Those are the links for now


Java Chat Page

Gene Page

COB Page

Tailor Made Norns

Creature Graveyard

Cheat Page

Creatures 2

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