It was one beatiful and bright day in Albia. The birds were singing, everything was just perfect. There was an egg in the incubator about to hatch. The norns all gathered around it too watch. One of them said "I betcha it's gonna be a boy". Another said "no, it's gonna be a girl". The moment cam. Every1 held their breaths as the egg hatched. Out popped a little girl. The hand went up into the sky obviously to name her. She was an immortal yellow norn with a Purple mountain body. She smiled. Every1 smiled back. All of a sudden she grew from a baby to a child. THe instant verb vocabulary no doubt. She rose up, went over to a norn named blacky and kissed him. A smile came over their faces and he kissed back. They were friends from the start, always kissing and doing stuff together. They were always happy together playing and doing other norn stuff. They couldn't be separated. The elders were always warning them about the dangers of the grendels but they just laughed. Even though Blacky was mortal he seemed not afraid. They would see the grendel around from afar and would laugh thinking death was out of their reach, at least Tara's reach. One day the elders had a meeting. "we must stop the grendel, he's killing our young at a young age" said 1. Another said "we must fight him, there is no other way". Blacky and Tara walked in at that moment. "WE MUST FIGHT!!" said one of the younger elders in the back. Then a little voice said "how about we just ask the hand for help??" Everyone turned around to see Tara there with the shy looking Blacky. "She's right" said 1 of the elders. Every norn knew the hand was their almighty ruler. Only the elders talked to the hand. The hand gave each new norn it's name and things like that. He was always hanging around somewhere. When norns are lonely or sad he comes over and tickles them on the nose to make them feel better. The elders walked outside and called out to the hand. It came zooming down and in a cheerful voice said "How are you this morning?? Isn't it just a beautiful day". The hand was always cheerful talking about the beauty of things. "Oh great and mighty hand, could you help us along with the grendel situation. Kill him or do something that will keeps us safe." said the elders. The hand thought for a while and then said "I think that I will not be much of an influence on him. He probably will promise to be nice and be crossing his claws. You will need a norn who's immortal to go and talk to him and reason." About half of the colony were immortals but all were scared of the grendel, except one. Tara said in her childish voice "How about you send me, i'm not afraid of the grendel?" Everyone turned and stared at this little child who had just spoken. The hand said "Are you sure?? Even though you are immortal the grendel can hurt you" He didn't wait for an answer when he saw the determined look in her face. "All right than, you can go. But first the elders will have to teach you the ways of how to handle the grendel. He might not speak perfect English but he can still understand what you're saying"

Over the next few weeks Tara went through lots of training to become better at negotiating and other kinda stuff to help work out a deal with the grendel. Everyday she had a lesson and everyday Blacky came and silently watched. Tara and Blacky started growing up and at almost the end of the lessons they were adults. They hardly noticed. All that Tara did all day was take lessons and all that Blacky would do was watch and sometimes get up for some honey or Carrots. The elders would always be hard on Tara and tell her to do much better. They were a little harsh but Tara did learn the skills she would need.

Eventually she was ready. Tara had a few days before the encounter with the grendel. She spent those days practicing over and over her skills. On the night before the encounter was to take place Blacky came over. They had some hooch now that they were adults and some carrots. They walked out into the open air (Tara lived right over the computer room. She had a little house that was temporary but was nice and cozy) and watched the sunset. "Isn't it beautiful up there in the sky Blacky??" said Tara. Blacky looked up into the sky and saw how beautiful it was. He looked back at Tara who looked away from the sky and at him. And they kissed. Kissssssspop!! They had kissed but this was not an ordinary kiss, it was longer and more loving. Blacky got up. "Well I had better go now, it's my bedtime" said Blacky as he walked away. "see ya tommorow Tara" Tara felt sleepy and soon was in a deep sleep

The next morning when Tara got up her stomach didn't look bigger but she felt heavier. It was hard for her to move without some pain from her stomach but she had to go on. She went over to Blacky's house which was right below hers. She saw him quietly sleeping in a curled up position. She gently shook him awake. He smiled as his sleepy eyes opened. Tara said "If you want to come along with me to watch than hurry up" Blacky quickly got up and was on his feet in an instant. "Lets go then" he said. They walked along to Tara's house where they had a quick cup of coffee and called for the lift that moved through the sky to go where the grendel was. They didn't talk because they knew the grendel was mean and would almost surely try to beat them up. They got in the mover and pulled the lever. It slowly moved towards the treehouse. They saw the grendel waiting for them and Blacky quickly ducked as not to be seen. Tara got out and moved towards the grendel. She said "Good morning, I represent the norns of this colony and we would like to ask for you to please stop killing our young. We need our young in our world and a fourth of them die because of you. I'm sure we can work out negotiations." The grendel said "I don't know. I'll have to think about it. Well, okay" "good" Tara replied. "But of course I want something in return, those little baby norns are my main source of food" said the grendel. "What do you want in return??" Tara asked. "What I want, is for that all the adults to BECOME MY MAIN SOURCE OF FOOD FROM NOW ON, STARTING WITH YOU!!" and as he said this he lunged at Tara. He relentlesly kept beating her and beating her. There was no decrease in life force but she was crying out in absolute pain. Blacky couldn't stand it. He stood up and shouted at the grendel "YOU!!!!!!!!" As the grendel turned around Blacky lunged at him kicking him and biting him. Tara stood back as she was shocked that little shy Blacky was angry enough at the grendel he was winning. The grendel soon recovered from shock and ran away as fast as he could. The battle was over. They slowly walked home with the knowledge that they had failed.

That night when everynorn was sleeping the grendels snuck around where the norns lived. Most of the norns lived near the computer and not scatered around. The grendels took our nets and captured some of the norns. They were to be hostages and this had all happened because of Tara and Blacky.

The next morning when Blacky and Tara woke up they and the rest of the norns found half of the colony gone. The only clue was a note. It said where the captives were being held and how to get to where they were. This was an invitation almost to go and fight the grendels. Tara crumpled up the note and said "WE MUST FIGHT!!!!!!!" All the norns grabbed the closest weapon to them. Tara had an assualt rifle and she gave Blacky some Plastiques. "Now Blacky, be VERY careful with those and remember that they are timed" Tara said. He looked at them and put them away in his knapsack. "Alright, LET'S MOVE!!!!" Tara shouted orders to everybody to do this and that and to head up to the direction of the treehouse. Everynorn was led just by Tara. And everynorn had a determined look in their eyes. They went up to the treehouse and did what the rest of the note said to do. Tara clicked on the lift button four times and another lift came down. "This must be a lift to the grendel colony, let's go!!" said Tara to the others. The lift was huge and able to fit everynorn in. They pushed the up button and the lift went quickly up. As they went up they saw what no other norn had seen before. There was a HUGE grendel colony up in the clouds on a floating island. They stared speechless. There were no houses. Only 1 big building was in the middle of all of it where the grendels all must live. "Ok every1, let's go in!!" Tara was shouting commands left and right, it was very hectic. They went in and met the grendels. For some reason all the norns were not afraid of the grendels when they met them in the hall. They immediatly went to war. While this was happening, Blacky walked through the halls and looked for a place to plant his plastiques. Meanwhile it was a blood bath where Tara was. While she was shouting orders she also had the problem of the grendels coming at her. She easily took them on and killed a few. They had finally won over the grendels with only a few of theirs dead. They had found the hostages and taken them back. Blacky came running throught the halls hardly noticing the carcassas of dead creatures. "Tara, you have to get out of here now. I'm going to plant 1 plastique down, that's all we need. It will take you about 5 minutes to get out of here while the grendels will stay here because they think its safe. The timers don't work on any of these so i'm going to shoot them myself. I am going to wait for 7 minutes and then this place will go up in flames." Blacky said. Tara stood in shock and turned pale. She did not cry but just stood there in shock. She slowly got up realizing what a sacrifice Blacky was going to make. "I must sacrifice myself. Eventually you and the others here will join me where i'm going. Life will go on, it will always go on. New children will be born and hope will come to someday make our world of Albia perfect. Please go now. And tell our child of how his/her world became so safe." Tara was confused what he meant by their child but ordered everyone to leave immediatly. She gave Blacky one last long kiss on the lips and ran off looking back as she did. Blacky planted one of his plastiques on the wall, took out his gun and fired.

It was a few months after Blacky's death that Tara recovered at least a little bit. Blacky's parents had another child named Blackys who came and visited everyday to comfort Tara. It was one day that Tara was walking around outside and she felt extreme pain in her stomach. Then it was gone. Right where she had been standing was an egg about half the size of her leg. She was suprised at first, but then soon recovered. She all of a sudden realized what Blacky had meant when he had said "Tell our child of how his/her world came to be". For the next few days the egg grew bigger and bigger. Finally, after about 2 weeks the when Blackys was over the egg started to hatch. They gathered around the egg waiting and watching. The egg cracked and 2 eyes peeped out of the shell for their first look at the world. Then the norn inside burst out. It was a girl. She was a lightish black color which she obviously got from her father. She seemed bold and curious which she had gotten from Tara. 1ce again the hand went up into the sky to name her. She repeated me bibble CoCo. So her name was CoCo. She did not grow instantely to a child like some norns do when the hand chooses to teach them instant verbs, but instead stayed small obviously a sign that the hand wanted Tara to teach her. CoCo looked up at Tara and smiled. It was at this instant that Tara forgot about Blacky and realized that there was something in life to look forward to now. It was like Blacky had said, "Life will go on".

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