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How To Make a Web Site

How To Make a Web Site

The point of this website is to educate people on how to make a website. This website will just have a few tips and how to make it. It does not include what you should put in since when making a website there are many choices. This simply gives you some tools you may need to make a web site.

Note Before Reading Below

The following commands will not be as they are written in where you would write the html for a page. Everywhere there is a { it signifies either < or > because < and > when placed instead of { would execute the command. Everwhere there is .... this means you put whatever you want in between and the effect of the command will happen to it (unless you are within the < commands (displayed as { here).

Some HTML Commands

{hr} This command creates a line

{h1}....{/h1} This command makes the text size 1 (the lower the size number the bigger the text)

{font color ="...."}....{/font} Where the first set of .... are you put a color in and the second .... gets that color

{body bgcolor="...."> This sets the color for the page (NOTE: This MUST be put at the top for it to work)

{center}....{/center} This makes the text between the centers centered on the screen.

{marquee}....{/marquee} With this the .... scrolls across the screen.

{a href="...."}....{/a} This is basically a link. The first .... is the url that you want to link to. The second .... is the name of the link.

{img src="...."}{/img} This is how you place an image. The .... is the url of the picture you want.

{title}....{/title} The .... becomes with this command the title of the page

{p} This makes a new paragraph

Some Tips

Whenever you make a web page there are a few helpful things to remember. First, when you want to have a line of text under another one you use the paragraph command. You want the web page to look nice as well as relay the information you want to put on it. You don't really want to have a bright backround and bright text. When making a web page it is really open-ended. All that you need to do is have the right tools and then you can do really whatever you want.

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