Tailor Made Norns

I now can make tailor made norns. I can make norns with different types of norns body parts, colored norns, and immortals. I can eaither breed these norns or genetically engineer them (preffered). All of them should be fertile and able to breed. I can even recreate Not Just Norn's Superfreak. Just e-mail me at NornsRme@aol.com and say what body parts you want, what color, and immortal or mortal. Many people have e-mailed me asking me too make them norns with a solid grendel arm or to be blue and green. Sorry but I can only make the norns have NORN body parts (e.g.a norn with a PM head, and fox norn body) and I cannot make a norn be different colors. I can only make solid colors. The colors I can make are: red, green, yellow, purple, aqua, black, blue, and albino.

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