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here is santa norn

here are 2 undead norns

here areimmortal norns

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Here is that cute little norn Santo. He orginally when he was born had big legs (santa legs) and a small body. He is a the color aqua and is immortal, so take him home for a test drive.

Here is that wonderful little norn mekid. There is nothin' special about him except for the fact he's immortal. Download him now by clicking on his picture.

This is armed. He is a cute little yellow norn with santa arms. He is less than 1 minute old. To d/l him click on his picture.

This is the norn Greenshey. At the moment in this exp file she is currently 3 months pregnant. She (like the following 2 norns) has a some new genes that make it so that whenever you pet her her sex drive and estrogen go way up. You should get interesting babies if u download her.

Here she is, a nice little norn named Poppers. She is an interesting mix of many kinds of norns.

Here we have the nice little norn Wachesy. He has a new gene (he also has the same new gene as the norn above) gene that whenever he sees an object his sex drive and testosterone go way up. He is the first son of Greenshey and as you can see has very interesting coloring.

Santo1stAdultSanto is a cute immortal aqua norn
Mekidd1stAdultThis is one of my more ordinary norns except the fact he's immortal
Armed1stbabytArmed is a cute little yellow immortal norn with santa arms

Greenshey1stAdultCurrently in this file Greenshey (who is green) is three months pregnant. She has my Super-Breeding genes which make her breed like crazy
Poppers2ndChildPoppers is an interesting mix of many norns with my Super-Breeding genes
>Wachesy2ndWachesy is the first son of Greenshey. He has my super-breeding genes and is a very interesting coloring

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