Creature Graveyard

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This page is where the gravestones of the dead are placed. Here I will post up deceased norns and what the owner has to say about them. Just e-mail me about your deceased norn saying what you would like posted on this page about your deceased and if possible also send me their picture so I can also put that up. I will also put up deceased grendels(I kinda like the little grendels). Please take a moment to remember all the deceased and how wonderful they were to us.

Here lies the norn Daman. She was my first norn, my first death. She was the mother of all. Every single 2nd 3rd and 4th generation norn was related to her. Even though she only bred with just one male (who is not dead) everynorn loved her. She died of a disease while I was checking on other norns. Here today I stand and lay a flower upon her grave. Goodbye Daman, may you rest in peace. @---)--)-----------


This norn was named Bee. She was the first of Daman's children. She was the mother of2 norn girls one of whom has had a child. She died from the same disease as Daman. In fact she or Daman may have caught it and when they were together the other caught it. Bee and Daman died exactly at the same time right next to eachother. I was not even able to make her a gravestone. Goodbye Bee, may you be happy in wherever you have gone. Goodbye.


This grave is for Littlekid. She lived in a world where she was the only one different besides her lover Armked. She had been hatched as an experiment from the eggs in the hatchery. All the other norns were immortal, were the same color, and slept all the time. I made her a clone of herself, an immortal clone to be friends with. They were friends. She died when I was asleep. I had left creatures on and forgot that she was mortal. In the morning I found that she was dead. I will miss you Littlekid. Goodbye forever.


Amy was a cute little fox norn. She was always ready to learn, and play with her friend Andrew. What wasn't known was that Andrew was immune to most diseases, and he carried an incurable one from birth. While I was taking care of Andrew, I heard some coughing. Amy's life force had gone down from 86% to 36% in the few minutes I had left her. She died two minutes later. Amy was 0:42.