COBs Page

Here is my cobs page. It has just a few of the cobs I have and give out. None of these r mine so I thank all those people who make them. I hopefully will have some more up soon but because of school and other stuff I'm kinda short on time. So here r my COBs.

Stun Gun Here is a little stun gun for your norns. All that u do is hit them 1ce with it and it will increase sleepiness and tiredness. This is 1 way to get those always energetic norns sleepy.

Holodoc This COB checks norns every few minutes for disease. If it finds an unhealthyness it will cure it making your norn as happy as ever.

Doggy This COB has a little dog that runs around and even pants. A great little cob for those norns who like other animals in Albia.

Cheese Vendor If you're norns like cheese they'll love this. Cheese of course is already in the game but u can run out. Here's a solution. Inject this COB and your norns will enjoy cheese for as long as they want.

Grapevine Here is a Grapevine that will give your norns a great source of food.


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